Scientific Committee

We consulted with the RCUK Bioenergy Strategic Co-ordination group to identify individuals with appropriate knowledge and experience to serve on the conference scientific committee.  Members of the scientific committee reviewed and scored abstracts blind, the committee then met as a group on Friday 18th of November to agree a programme which will bring together the full breadth of UK bioenergy capability, the latest programme can be found here. 

Members of the scientific committee:

Adam Harvey (Newcastle)

Alison Mohr (Nottingham)

Amanda Lea-Langton (Manchester)

Claire Halpin (Dundee)

Craig Jamieson  (IRRI)

David Howard (CEH)

Gail Taylor (Southampton)

Gordon McFiggans (Manchester)

Ian Shield (Rothamsted)

Ian Watson (Glasgow)

Ignacio Melias –Cabrera (Aston)

James Wilsdon (Sheffield)

Jenny Jones (Leeds)

Jim Watson (UKERC)

Julia Tomei (UCL)

Karen Finney (Sheffield)

Linda Lawson (RGU)

Marcelle McManus (Bath)

Mirjam Roeder (Manchester)

Mohamed Pourkashanian (Sheffield)

Nick Turner (Manchester)

Nilay Shah (Imperial)

Ondrej Masek (Edinburgh)

Patricia Thornley (Manchester)

Paul Dodds (UCL)

Paul Ekins (UCL)

Paul Williams (Leeds)

Raffaella Ocone (Herriot Watt)

Raphael Slade (Imperial)

Sai Gu (Surrey)

Simon Christie (MMU)

Simon McQueen Mason (York)

Tony Bridgwater (Aston)

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